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ADEA Partners With CHPM on an ADA-sponsored Study of Dental Education

In April 2015 ADEA, in partnership with the consulting firm Cavanaugh Hagan Pierson & Mintz (CHPM), was awarded a contract by the American Dental Association to conduct a study on “Approaches to and Implications of Alternative Dental Education Models.” The team analyzed which factors contribute to the cost of dental education, and sought to determine if there might be steps dental schools could take to keep cost in check. The study found that many of the variables that predict dental school expenditures mirror those that predict expenditures in higher education generally: the size of the faculty, the number of students and the cost of living in any particular school’s locale. However, the study found no correlation between curricular models and costs. In August 2016, ADEA and CHPM presented the findings of the study to the ADA Board of Trustees. They voted unanimously to accept the findings and to submit the study’s results to the ADA 2016 House of Delegates.

National Academy of Medicine Releases Report on Health Professionals’ Stress

The National Academy of Medicine released a report in January 2017 that examined the unique stressors health professionals face that begin during the educational process and continue throughout training and into practice. During 2016, Dr. Richard Valachovic, ADEA President and CEO, participated on the panel for and is an author of the study, along with representatives from seven other health professions. All eight authors are members of the National Academy of Medicine’s Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education, of which ADEA is a founding member.

ADEA Publishes Five Association Reports in 2016

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