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Annual ADEA Senior Survey Updated

ADEA conducted a comprehensive review of its annual ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors, soliciting feedback from ADEA member dental schools and attendees at the 2017 ADEA Deans’ Conference, and conducting an internal review. New topic areas will be included in the 2018 survey, including wellbeing, ADEA Chapter participation and licensure pathway.

ADEA is also working with the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry to include their senior dental students in the survey beginning in 2018. The Canadian dental schools will be able to compare responses from their graduating students to the aggregated responses of graduating students from other Canadian Faculties of Dentistry, as well as aggregated responses from students graduating from U.S. dental schools.

ADEA Enhances Research Infrastructure to Better Serve Members

ADEA is working to improve its analytical and data dissemination capacity, which will better serve members’ data needs. On the analytical side, ADEA has begun using IBM’s Db2 software to store data from survey data collections and ADEA’s centralized application services. Db2 allows ADEA to analyze data more quickly and effectively, resulting in faster turnaround time between data collection and publication of results. As for data visualization, ADEA is using Tableau to make more data available to members in a highly interactive way. This is dynamic software tool will allow members to understand and explore ADEA data much more deeply. ADEA plans to have these tools available by late 2018.

ADEA Publishes Three Association Reports in 2017

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